A musical round-the-world trip through an à la carte concert.

A show directed by the audience

A world map, a top hat holding numbered balls representing different destinations, four clarinettists and one presenter, the stage is set for a musical exploration of our planet.

Around the world in 80 notes (plus one or two ...) is a voyage of discovery through the musical heritage of various continents and different periods.

Each destination is marked by a musical excerpt played by four clarinets and an entertaining presentation by Mister G, the Lecturer; but Lecturer and musicians are in the hands of the audience, as it picks musical destinations out of the hat.

Clarnival : The Clarinet Quartet

Stage directions

Four chairs and music stands form a semi-circle facing the audience. Six numbered suitcases lay stage left, and six stage right, and a top hat sits centre stage, holding twelve numbered balls representing “mini globes”.

Enter Mister G., the Lecturer, to the theme tune of the Indiana Jones series, played off stage by the quartet.

The musicians join Mister G. as he calls out their names and gives each one a brief introduction. There follows an explanation of the different clarinets, during which the musicians demonstrate the different features highlighted by the Lecturer.

Mister G. then explains how the show will run, picks up the top hat and asks for an audience member to draw out a numbered “mini globe”.

A musician then opens the suitcase bearing the number drawn and unpacks the flag and typical attire of the region or country in question. The musicians don the attire (hats and clothes) while Mister G. introduces the destination and type of music to be played, giving both serious and quirky explanations, and acting out the part. The musicians take their cue from Mister G., in keeping with the destination.

Eight out of twelve destinations are drawn from the hat.

The pedagogical aim

On one hand, the audience should be familiarized with the clarinet itself, which is thanks to its range capable of bringing many different music styles to the audience’s ears, and on the other hand, the audience should be familiarized with those many different music styles (classical music, rock, pop, klezmer, jazz…).

“Around the world in 80 notes”, is connecting the country with its respective music style, be it classical or modern music. In order to catch the attention of a younger audience, the humoristic aspect has a very important place during the spectacle.